We know, you have never heard of Blue Star Inflatables. And that is exactly why you can buy them at 35-65% less than the names you have heard of, and in some notable ways, actaully get more boat. We went straight to the manufacturer overseas and negotiated a direct deal. These are some of the same boats that are made for the "big boys." but since we don't have their advertizing and national marketing and distribution cost, we can sell them for a whole lot less. The downside is simple. We don't stock these boats. We might have one or two in stock at a given moment, but for the most part we order them as needed. Here's what you can expect;

Available in Hypalon or PVC from the same sources as the other guys. All the good cloths come from Korea or France. That's where ours are from. We use German glues, (again, rated the best), Fiberglass and cloth layup is done in China.

The hulls are one piece fiberglass construction. There are no bolted down parts like some other manufactuers. Ask us for pictures of the layup process. Under floor aluminum gas tanks are part of the layup process.

All the boats have self draining cockpits, stainless fittings, cable or hydraulic steering, pressure relief valves. We are dealers for Venture Trailers so we can fit your boat to the proper trailer as well, and we can discuss delivery to just about anywhere east of the Mississippi.

To keep things simple, we specialize in just three models, (though we will listen to your customized dreams as well).

Length 14.1'

Beam 4.6'

Weight (w/o engine) 408 lbs

Fuel 18.5 gal

5 person rating, (seating for 4)

Tube diameter 19"

Max Load = 1764 lbs

Air chambers = 3

Recommended engine = 40HP


Length 15.4'

Beam 6.7'

Weight (w/o engine) 529 lbs

Fuel 21 gal

9 person rating, (seating for 5)

Tube diameter 19"

Max Load = 2645 lbs

Air chambers = 5

Recommended engine = 40-60HP


Length 18.4'

Beam 7.5'

Weight (w/o engine) lbs

Fuel 21 gal

10 person rating, (seating for 6)

Tube diameter 22"

Max Load = 3527 lbs

Air chambers = 5

Recommended engine = 70-90HP